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First They Came for the F-22s

11:30 AM, Jul 24, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Bill Sweetman runs down the seven memes that dominated the arguments against F-22. And then he explains why they are all based on "assumptions that are, at best, unproven." Meme No. 1 is my personal favorite:

The F-22 hasn't been used in Afghanistan or Iraq. In itself this is a statement of the obvious. What makes it a meme is the corollary that the F-22 is militarily irrelevant. However, there are many capabilities that haven't been used in those theaters - submarines, for instance - but nobody seems to panic as we keep spending money on those.

One thing at a time, Bill. They killed the RRW, they killed F-22, they're gutting missile defense. They'll get to subs eventually.