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Now Is the Time ... To Flip Through the Tax Code Looking for Ways to Fund Obamacare

10:09 AM, Jul 24, 2009 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Republicans are highlighting Laura Meckler's report in the Wall Street Journal:

Last Saturday [budget director Peter Orszag] went to Camp David. While his two children played basketball and tennis with other administration kids, Mr. Orszag reviewed the situation with the president and prepared to appear on two Sunday-morning talk shows. "There are those who are advocating delay just as a desperation move to try to kill this," he said on CNN.

After his TV appearances, he went straight to the Senate Finance Committee, where he spent three hours with committee aides brainstorming about how to pay for the trillion-dollar legislation. At one point, they flipped through the tax code, looking for ideas.

Remember: "The time for talk is through."