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10:30 AM, Jul 20, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Are Independents acting more like Republicans, now?

"This is the first time in his presidency that Obama has fallen under 60 percent in Post-ABC polling, and the rating is six percentage points lower than it was a month ago."

Your tax money is for signs advertising the stimulus and abortions. Have fun working!

Barack hides the budget.

Dodd bashes lobbyists before hanging with them on Martha's Vineyard.

Jimmy Carter talks about how he left the Southern Baptist Convention over discrimination against women.
Presumably, now he'll have more time to hang out with those Hamas feminists he loves so much.

Stimulus awards $1.1 million for 2 lbs. sliced ham. Well, Ham is a pretty valuable commodity.

Flashback: Reagan on socialized medicine.