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Welcome to Russia, Britney!

11:52 AM, Jul 21, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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An amusing write-up of Britney's Russian tour from the Moscow Times:

Spears may be well-versed in outrunning the paparazzi, juggling frappuccinos and attempting to revive a career whose unraveling will go down in the history books of pop culture. Navigating Russia is another story.

The singer, on her "Circus" tour played her first Russian gig in St. Petersburg on Sunday. She had already made the decision to keep her two young sons far from this stable, peace-loving nation, consigning them to a London hotel room to await her return, after receiving a series of death threats by e-mail.

"Originally, both boys were to accompany Britney but she was against taking them because of these constant threats," a tour spokesman told British tabloid The Sun last week.

Death threats in Russia? You'd think there were contract killings, or a failure by authorities to take threats seriously and investigate them. Oh wait…

Read the whole thing here.