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What a Difference a Year Makes: GOP Gains on Major Issues

10:30 AM, Jul 14, 2009 • By GARY ANDRES
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Just when you thought Democrats might drive Republicans into Chapter 11, this survey released by Rasmussen last week shows major gains for Republicans on key electoral issues.

The poll finds voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on eight of ten major electoral issues, a stunning turnaround compared to previous research. According to Rasmussen:

Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on eight out of 10 key electoral issues, including, for the second straight month, the top issue of the economy. They've also narrowed the gap on the remaining two issues, the traditionally Democratic strong suits of health care and education.
Republicans are now trusted more on taxes (52%-36%), Social Security (42%-37%), abortion (46%-39%), Iraq (45%-41%), the economy (46%-41%), national security (49%-40%), immigration (40%-34%) and are statistically tied on ethics (34%-33%). Democrats hold narrow leads on health care (46%-42%) and education (41%-38%).

The comparisons to last summer are dramatic. I went back and checked the same Rasmussen data from one year ago. Last July, voters trusted Democrats more on 7 of the same 10 issues. Republicans only led on one: national security, while the two parties were statistically tied on immigration and Iraq. What a difference a year makes.

These numbers follow earlier evidence of slippage in the president's numbers among independent voters last week.