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Looking Forward to the Outraged New York Times Editorials -- and the Prosecutions

12:46 PM, Aug 21, 2009 • By RACHEL ABRAMS
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Military defense attorneys are under investigation by the Justice Department for showing photographs of covert CIA operatives -- secretly shot by "researchers" hired by the ACLU and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers -- to Gitmo detainees in preparation for potential trials, the Washington Post reports:

It is unclear whether the military lawyers under investigation identified the CIA personnel in the photographs to the al-Qaeda suspects or simply asked the detainees whether they had ever seen them. It is also unclear whether the inquiry involves violations of federal statutes prohibiting the identification of covert CIA officers or violations of military commission rules governing the disclosure of classified information, including to the defendants.

Nyuh huh. Guess it takes a Republican administration, pics of non-covert lefty CIA employees, and a disgruntled former Deputy Secretary of State to reveal them, to make something like that really, really clear.