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4:20 PM, Aug 27, 2009 • By RACHEL ABRAMS
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Seven months of importuning Arab dictators and "monarchs" to toss something passing for a bone to Israel -- an overflight right or a couple of visas, maybe -- in exchange for "positive Israeli steps" such as freezing all settlement activity even where no Arab has ever lived or ever expects to live, has brought the shuttling George Mitchell and the rest of the impressive Obamic foreign policy line-up all the humiliation appeasement inevitably provides: the Arabic la may fall softer upon the ear than the Soviet nyet we got used to hearing back in the day, but it still translates as "drop dead, American fools! Israeli planes will fly over Arab states when the Palestinian flag -- and only the Palestinian flag -- is flying over Jerusalem. And by the way, you can forget about that ‘Jewish state' stuff. ‘Israeli state' maybe, if we decide it's in our interest to countenance the idea."

Palestinian "leader" Mahmoud Abbas echoed these sentiments -- again -- when he suggested "that there may be talks but not any negotiations, adding that he is ‘determined to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital,' without letting Israel exercise sovereignty over any land that was restored to the Jewish State in 1967."

Meanwhile, the pressure on Israel continues apace, and so does the tragic ludicrousness of the never-ending "peace process." Four hours of discussions yesterday in London between Mitchell and Binyamin Netanyahu resulted in "‘progress' towards a resumption of direct PA-Israeli negotiations," whereupon Netanyahu flew off to Germany, and listened politely as Angela Merkel said, apparently without embarrassment: "We feel a ban on future settlements is an important building block to making the prelaunch of the peace process possible."