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Nemazee, An Unwise Latino Donor

4:32 PM, Aug 26, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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A friend emails in response to reports of Hassan Nemazee's arrest:

This story is worth more scrutiny. In the mid 1990's Helms killed his nomination as Ambassador to Argentina (with Biden's quiet acquiescence). From what I remember, Nemazee helped Kennedy illegally when he needed the money at a critical moment in his Senate campaign vs Romney -- Nemazee, his wife, his two minor children and his gardener all made max contributions on the same day. Little doubt it was all Nemazee's money bundled and passed through others. More recently he was one of Hillary's key fund raisers. No doubt he did the same for Obama after the primary.

In addition to funneling campaign donations he had a very shady business background. My favorite was when he was busted for fraudulently accessing a minority business lending program as a Latino on the grounds that he had briefly held an Argentinian passport (which by all indications he acquired through bribes after he emigrated from the Middle East).

A real piece of work.

Indeed, you can see the suspicious and almost certainly illegal donations to Kennedy here.