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Pence: Scrap the Health-Care Bill and Start Over

6:16 PM, Aug 31, 2009 • By C.J. CIARAMELLA
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The Start Over caucus is growing:

Rep. Mike Pence: I have seen in town hall meetings across Indiana, and I have three more scheduled, Republicans and some Democrats who had them have heard tremendous public concern about health care legislation that has been drafted in the House of Representatives. It really is time, as Bob Dole says in the Washington Post today, to start over. They ought to scrap the bill that has been moving through the House of Representatives, that is nothing more than a government takeover of health care, paid for with $800 billion in higher taxes, and we ought to demand the President of the United States to bring forward his own bill.

I talked to Bob Dole this morning personally and he told me that when Ronald Reagan had a major legislative priority, the Reagan Administration wrote a bill, sent it to the Hill, and then started the process of negotiation. Here, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have written this bill with liberal priorities and shut Republicans out of the consideration entirely, and the White House has been on the sidelines.