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10:50 AM, Aug 5, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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10 August recess questions for your representative.

Flashback: "I want you to get in their faces."


The Smoking Gun busts a sadistic prank-caller and bully who turns out be an avid first-person shooter fan who lives with his mom stealing WiFi. Punk'd!

New York now apparently home to right-wing-extremists who are Democrat Congressmen in their spare time: "I will not vote for something that I perceive will destroy Medicare."

Back to economically battered Elkhart, Obama thinks: "Maybe I should have started Restitution-for-RVs instead."

Right-wing extremist Sen. Baucus is not demonizing health insurance companies like he was told to.

Yet another Congressman says he won't be reading the bill.

Speaking of reading the bill, a blogger explains Sec. 141 and 142.