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2:19 PM, Aug 25, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Ben Smith gets some great quotes from Rep. Peter King:

"furious" Rep. Peter King, the hawkish, maverick Long Island Republican, blasted a "disgraceful" Eric Holder for opening an investigation of CIA interrogators and chided his own party for what he described as a weak response to the move in an interview just now with POLITICO.

"It's bulls***. It's disgraceful. You wonder which side they're on," he said of the Attorney General's move, which he described as a "declaration of war against the CIA, and against common sense."

"It's a total breach of faith, and either the president is intentionally caving to the left wing of his party or he's lost control of his administration," said King, the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Homeland Security and a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence....

"You're talking about threatening to kill a guy, threatening to attack his family, threatening to use an electric drill on him - but never doing it," King said. "You have that on the one hand - and on the other you have the [interrogator's] attempt to prevent thousands of Americans from being killed."

"When Holder was talking about being 'shocked' [before the report's release], I thought they were going to have cutting guys' fingers off or something - or that they actually used the power drill," he said.

Exactly. And it's difficult to believe that the vast majority of Americans will respond any differently. We're talking about the worst of the worst -- terrorists who hoped and plotted to murder thousands of Americans. So they got a little roughed up, they were subjected to various threats that no one had any intention of carrying out. Boo hoo. If Eric Holder can find 12 Americans who would vote to convict an American citizen for threatening the life of Khalid Sheihk Mohammed, I'll be a monkey's uncle.