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Why Can't the Left Be Honest About the IG Report?

10:55 AM, Aug 27, 2009 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES
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So why leave out the fact that Agency officials were concerned about being targeted by human rights groups and why elide the views of the officer who said, without qualification, "it has to be done?"

Sargent doesn't try to answer any of these substantive questions.

For months before the IG report was released on Monday the left touted it as the instrument that would finally shed light on the horrific and ineffective CIA interrogation program -- Sargent took to calling it the "holy grail" per Dem staffers who assured him it would "detail torture in unprecedented detail and to cast doubt on the claim that torture works." Instead, it did the opposite. Despite the fact that IG John Helgerson was known inside the CIA as a critic of the program, his report makes clear that abuses were rare and that the enhanced interrogation techniques were effective.

It's no wonder the left is compelled to distort its contents.