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3:21 PM, Sep 3, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Aaron Keyak, the press secretary for the National Jewish Democratic Council (the Democratic counterpart to the Republican Jewish Coalition), takes to the Huffington Post to ask that eternal question: "Why is Pat Buchanan Defending Hitler?" (Michael Moynihan has tried to answer that one on numerous occasions.) Keyak also says that "what may be most surprising is why Buchanan still has a job [at MSNBC]." But that's not really surprising at all. If MSNBC is going to have a conservative, they're going to make sure that conservative is the most loathsome and offensive conservative possible -- a genuine racist and anti-Semite who confirms all the worst fears of their liberal viewers. Still, it's nice to see someone on the left give MSNBC a hard time about putting a genuine Nazi-sympathizer on air. So many others, like Andrew Sullivan, seem more than happy to promote Buchanan so long as he targets Jewish neoconservatives (or neoconservatives that Buchanan thinks are Jewish) and their nefarious plots to destroy America.