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4:28 PM, Sep 1, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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From the New York Times Opinionator Blog's write-up of reaction on the web to news that the lovely and talented Jenna Bush will be working as an occasional correspondent for the Today Show:

Kind of amazing that you run all these comments about Jenna Bush, but none of the[m] squawk about the 4th and 5th generation sulzbergers who have brought such financial success to The Times. what about the kennedy's who have never held a paying job but whom you have recommended for public office? Or Mr. Cuomo, who went to a third rate law school and whose record at H.U.D. was so spotless?

My bet: the first appearance by Jenna Bush is the highest rated show of the month for Today, if not the year. It's actually a brilliant business decision, and the squealing from the left about end of American meritocracy will only drive ratings up.