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7:35 PM, Sep 30, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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John and Elizabeth Edwards are more vile than you could possibly have imagined.

Ferguson on the president's "high-handed refusal to be high-handed" at the UN.

Michelle Obama says the "gloves are off" in the fight for Chicago's Olympic bid.

But even David Corn has to ask "Is President Obama serious about Afghanistan?"

General Odierno damns Ambassador Hill with faint praise.

This is what victory looks like.

Bob Kagan says forget the nukes, target the regime.

This may be the creepiest man in the Obama administration.

Another innocent, harmless former Gitmo detainee killed in shoot-out.

Tourists and city officials not so hot on the Empire State Building's celebration of the Chinese Communist Party.

And now, an important message from non-celebrities on ObamaCare: