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Joe Wilson, The Great Communicator

4:26 PM, Sep 10, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Joe Wilson offered the most succinct and effective Republican response to Obamacare since Sarah Palin attacked Obama's "death panels" -- and, like Sarah, he did it in just two words: "You lie." It is also incontrovertibly true that Obama was lying. Illegal immigrants will get health care for free under the Obama system just as they get health care for free now. Except under Obama's system the American taxpayer will foot the bill instead of the hospitals and insurance companies. Liberals have reacted as one might have predicted based on the Democratic response to town hall protesters this summer -- by questioning Joe Wilson's patriotism and honor and civility. Let them question all those things, and let them send all that money to Wilson's challenger in 2010. It won't make a bit of difference. That district is as safe as Nancy Pelosi's, and Joe Wilson's constituents were probably more bothered by his apology than anything else.

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