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KSM Gave Up Info Identifying Key Al Qaeda Sleeper Agent

3:40 PM, Sep 3, 2009 • By THOMAS JOSCELYN
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The identification of El Shukrijumah as Jafar the Pilot led to a massive manhunt, with widespread media coverage. It may be the case that this scrutiny is what prevented El Shukrijumah from carrying out al Qaeda's bidding. Various press accounts have documented the threat El Shukrijumah posed. At a minimum, El Shukrijumah cased targets for future attacks and planned to coordinate those attacks with other al Qaeda operatives. In March 2003, Pat d'Amuro, who was then a top FBI counterterrorism official, explained: "We believe that the targets that he would be affiliated with, domestically, here in the United States, could be fuel tankers, apartment buildings, transportation hubs." D'Amuro further warned:

"This individual would rate in the top five with respect to protection of the homeland... I would say, for domestic reasons, within the continental United States, this individual is very important for the FBI to find."

The story behind the FBI's March 20, 2003, alert is yet another success attributable to the interrogation of KSM and other high value al Qaeda detainees. But El Shukrijumah's story does not end there. He is reportedly at large, and carries several passports that make it possible for him to travel around the world using multiple aliases.

We are left to wonder: Where is Jafar the Pilot?