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Mock Executions, Rape of Prisoners in Iran

12:30 PM, Sep 22, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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This is how one of the world's most odious regimes treats students who challenge its authority:

RFE/RL: When did the rape take place?

Sharifi: The fourth day, when they said they were going to execute me -- it was a mock execution they subjected us to. I protested and said: "What is this? If you want to execute me, just do it. Why do you play these games?" Someone kicked me in the stomach and I fell on the ground. He kept kicking me in the stomach. Then he told someone: "Go and make [him] pregnant." He kept kicking me. I was throwing up blood and my stomach was injured. He pulled me to another room and tied my hands to the wall.

RFE/RL: You've said that you are not sure whether you were raped by the guard or whether he used an object.

Sharifi: I think that a person did it, but I can't be sure whether it was done by that individual or whether he used something. Judge Mohammadi [of the judiciary] asked me: "Why didn't you tell him to stop?" I said that I wasn't capable of thinking or saying anything.

Of course the civil liberties fanatics on the left will compare this treatment to what the Bush administration doled out to detainees in Cuba, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These are the same people who accuse conservatives of seeing the world in black and white and failing to appreciate nuance -- the many shades of gray. But these same people cannot distinguish between a democratic government's rough treatment of terrorists and a terrorist government's rough treatment of democratic activists. The Iranian regime is sick and degenerate and ought to be forcefully condemned. Instead the left cheers Obama's engagement with Iran -- even though it looks utterly hopeless -- and demands investigations of the Bush administration's treatment of detainees. This is the moral "clarity" of the post-American left.