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Van Jones -- The Name That Mustn't Be Spoken in the White House Briefing Room

3:49 PM, Sep 8, 2009 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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At the White House press briefing today, Robert Gibbs didn't field a single question about the avowed communist/black nationalist/cop-killer supporter/9-11 Truther Van Jones, who resigned from his White House post shortly after 12:00 a.m. Sunday. In fact, a search for the name "Van Jones" doesn't turn up a single result in the White House press briefing transcripts.

Anonymous White House officials say that Jones wasn't vetted as fully as more senior administration officials, but a Bush administration official told Ben Smith that someone like Jones "would have undergone substantial vetting" -- and the very least Jones surely would have been vetted by the FBI.

So what did White House officials know about Jones's checkered history before they cleared him to serve? Did he tell the truth to the FBI? Did he fill out any questionnaire at all?

The White House threw one of its own under the bus in the middle of the night so it wouldn't have to answer these questions in broad daylight. It seems that the media are more than happy to play along with the administration.