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"A classic Swift Boat move"

12:01 PM, Oct 16, 2009 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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My colleague Michael Goldfarb is too modest to call attention to this, but I know he wears the scorn of the disreputable pseudo-pro-Israel organization, J Street, as a badge of honor.

Here's a taste of a desperate J Street email, reacting to undisputed reporting on positions J Street has taken and on what some of the speakers at the planned J Street conference have said.

Stand Up for J Street Call your member(s) of Congress to thank them for joining our Honorary Host Committee

J Street Supporter --

Yesterday, in a classic "Swift Boat" move, the Weekly Standard magazine - dubbed the "neocon bible" by The Economist - launched an attack on our conference and the whole pro-Israel, pro-peace movement.

They're working the phones - calling the offices of every one of the 150-plus members of Congress on our Gala's Honorary Host Committee to frighten them away from associating with J Street. The most infuriating part is that their thuggish smear tactics are having an impact -- already 5 members of Congress have pulled off of our Host Committee....

If you're getting this email, you've got a Senator or Representative on our Honorary Host Committee. Will you call them right now to thank them for signing on to our Host Committee before the Weekly Standard guys get to them?

Oh, those dastardly "Weekly Standard guys!" Actually reporting on statements by J Street's leaders and guests! And asking congressional offices whether they were aware of these statements when they allowed themselves to be listed on the host committee of the conference! What will we come up with next?