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Another J Street Speaker Engages in "Use and Abuse of Holocaust Imagery"

8:31 AM, Oct 22, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Other greatest hits from Cobban include calling Tony Blair a "dishonest schmuck" -- apparently he's nothing like the great and self-restrained Sheikh Yassin. Or how about demanding that Obama withhold aid to Israel until Israel complies with the Goldstone commissions recommendations. Or, my personal favorite, Cobban's write-up of the recent flap over a Swedish newspaper that alleged Israel was harvesting the organs of Palestinians. In the face of this new spin on the old blood libel, Cobban declares "there are a lot more dimensions to this story that I want to look at."

Is this -- comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, praising Hamas, trafficking in blood libel -- what passes for pro-Israel on J Street?