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Another Postpartisan Tom Weighs In

4:20 PM, Oct 15, 2009 • By RACHEL ABRAMS
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Tom Brokaw is worried about the controversy that "will dog [Obama] all the way to Oslo for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony," and he's got a proposal that, in his cunning formulation, "may lift this discussion out of the partisan soup that is now the main course on our national agenda . . . ." To wit: corral a herd of people-pols no less than humanitarians-onto Air Force One and bring them along to Oslo with him to bask in the glory-for glory it will surely be-of his acceptance speech. On the list: Hillary Clinton and Michael Mullen, standing for "diplomacy and arms in pursuit of peace"; Bill and Melinda Gates; representatives of CARE, Save the Children, and Refugees International; Bill Clinton and Dick Holbrooke, for the Dayton Peace Accords; and, bipartisanly, George H.W. Bush, for "the work done during the Reagan-Bush years in managing the collapse of the Soviet Union, and, for example, the reunification of Germany in such an impressive fashion" (!) and Sam Brownback, for trying-futilely-to get the U.S. government to care about the Darfur genocide:

If, as we're led to believe, the Norwegian Nobel Committee wanted to honor President Obama's determination to put a new face on America's efforts to shape a more peaceful world, what better way for him to respond than to share this distinguished prize with those who have been doing just that without sufficient recognition?

And how true you speak, Tom (may I call you Tom?)! The people on that inventory of the mostly-famous have received so very little recognition over the years.