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10:35 AM, Oct 5, 2009 • By RACHEL ABRAMS
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Your foreign policy is in such nerve-racking disarray that even the president of France is horrified; your public relations outfit at the New York Times has begun to reconsider signing you as a client; every step you take heightens tensions with your opposition; you're a war-time president with a military strategy that is being formulated by a cadre of anti-war Dem political hacks on your White House staff--and a few on the Hill; and your people have just launched a very public battle with your own chosen commander on the ground in Afghanistan, a man with whom you communicate almost not at all, because his recommendations are inflaming your left flank.

Now you dispatch your national security adviser to peddle your case on CNN, and things do not improve. He makes a fool of himself by saying "things are moving in the right direction" with Iran, even as the mullahs laugh in their qabaa sleeves and go on building their bomb. He makes a fool of you by telling us he is sure "General McChrystal and General [David] Petraeus and Admiral [Mike] Mullen will be willing to present different options and different scenarios in this discussion that we're having." And he makes fools of both of you by admitting he's out there saying all this stuff on your behalf without having spoken to you in three days.

Really, are you an evil genius with a plot to take over the world just pretending to be an empty vessel? Or are you actually an empty vessel pretending to be a president? It's increasingly hard to tell.