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Human Shields

11:57 AM, Oct 5, 2009 • By RACHEL ABRAMS
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They're not even pretending any more, and why should they? Brandishing the Goldstone Report that correlates their own barbarous behavior-waging war from behind the skirts and cribs of Gazan women and children and the hospital beds of the sick and dying-with that of Israel, Hamas has devised a plan to establish temporary villages along the Gaza-Israel border, the Jerusalem Post reports, which will

. . . serve as obstacles in the event that Israel sends ground forces into Gaza. The border villages will also likely serve as cover for tunnels that Hamas will dig under the security fence and into Israel to carry out attacks.

Why will they serve as obstacles? Because, Mr. Goldstone notwithstanding, the Arabs have good reason to know that the Israeli Army will not intentionally fire on innocent civilians.