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Lieberman Opposes Baucus Bill

10:57 AM, Oct 13, 2009 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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This morning on the Don Imus show, Joe Lieberman said he opposes the Baucus bill in its current form:

IMUS: Do you support the Baucus bill?

LIEBERMAN: Not, not, no. I mean, not the way it is now.

IMUS: Ok, what about it don't you like?

LIEBERMAN: Well, here's my concern, as I watch the way it took shape. And it goes back to these two things we're trying to do at once. I'm afraid that in the end, the Baucus bill is actually going to raise the price of insurance for most of the people in the country because most of the people in our country have health insurance, either private or Medicare or Medicaid or veteran's benefits.

Lieberman also cited concerns about the bill's tax hikes, saying that "to cover some of the people, millions of people, who are not covered with insurance ... puts us in the position where you say, on the one hand, what we're about to do in adopting health care reform will, will reduce the cost of health insurance from what it would otherwise be and the other hand you say, oh incidentally, we're going to raise your taxes or cut your Medicare to the tune of $900 billion or a trillion. And people are beginning to think that maybe they'd do better holding on to what they have now."

HT: ThinkProgress