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11:00 AM, Oct 27, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Focus group alert: Pelosi picks new name for deceiving voters about the "public option."

Yep, this "taxing the rich for everything" scheme is gonna work great.

What do they say about a gaffe? It's when a politician accidentally speaks the truth.

"Treasury Department's failure to implement anti-fraud measures, or even to require TARP recipients to report how they used the billions Congress and the Treasury Department gave them, makes it highly unlikely that the $317 billion outstanding -- nearly half the TARP total -- will ever be returned to taxpayers."

Responding to John Kerry on Afghanistan.

McDonald's is leaving Iceland. That's how bad the economy is.

The Top 10 political masks for Halloween. Henry Waxman is inexplicably missing.

Sources say NY-23 is a two-man race, with Scozzafava "fading badly,"
like an unnecessarily summoned cop-car siren in the distance, one might say.

What if Bush had done it?

Can Obama turn this around?
"About a quarter of Deeds voters say they are supporting him ‘not too' enthusiastically or ‘not at all' enthusiastically," the Post writes. "More than nine in 10 of those who back McDonnell are ‘very' enthusiastic or ‘fairly' enthusiastic about the Republican."

Will Harry Reid's gamble pay off?

Exploring the back-room deals AARP made on health-care reform.