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9:55 AM, Oct 28, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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John Steele Gordon destroys the National Endowment of the Arts head: one sentence of one speech, five errors.

Video: Hoffman attacked from both sides.

Uh-oh, feminist writers pile on Obama's boys' club: Obama Not Comfortable With Women in Basketball, Golf ... or Anywhere Else

What if Bush did it? Flu vaccine shortage edition.

Valerie Jarrett: Is Fox biased: "Yes, of course." Is MSNBC biased? "Well, let's not talk about bias."

Schwarzenegger's passive-aggressive, but funny, veto message.

"It turns out that the White House-complex bowling alley might be the new Lincoln Bedroom."

The bias of the mainstream...Twitter? Yep.

Blankley: Be conservative, be passionate to win, GOP.

The centrists flee the public option.