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92 Percent of Pro-Goldstone Vote is Dems

5:45 PM, Nov 3, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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The final tally on the House resolution condemning the report by Judge Richard Goldstone alleging war crimes by Israeli forces in Gaza is a lopsided 344 to 36 -- as it should be. Normally nothing much would be made of these numbers, but this vote, coming so quickly on the heels of J Street's inaugural conference, was seen as something of a test for the group, which is about the only Jewish organization on the planet that has refused to condemn Goldstone and which put out a statement opposing the resolution in the House. (One of J Street's founders went so far as to help Goldstone write a letter of protest to members of Congresss.)

Ultimately, J Street was able to get more members of Congress to show up at the group's gala dinner last week than to actually support its ludicrous positions on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Friends of Israel can take heart in the fact that J Street has no ability to move votes in Congress. And yet the group sent out a fundraising pitch today headlined "We are winning." Winning what, supporters of the group might ask.

Republicans can be pleased that the bulk of the 36 votes against came from Democrats -- only three Republicans voted against the resolution, which is two more than J Street could turn out for their conference.