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Kristol: Is The Bush Hangover Over?

9:36 AM, Nov 3, 2009 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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There's a very interesting Rasmussen poll out today: 49 percent of Americans now blame George W. Bush for our economic troubles, 45 percent blame President Obama.

For the last several months, that number has hovered roughly at 55 percent blaming Bush, 35 percent Obama.

This could be a big moment. The bursting of the housing bubble, the financial meltdown, and the economic recession--all of this constituted by far the heaviest monkey on the GOP's back going into 2009. If voters -- one year after punishing Republicans at the polls in 2008 -- have decided to move on, then the GOP now faces a reasonably even political playing field -- as tonight's results will probably demonstrate.

Election day 1993 marked the end of the first Bush hangover. Election day 2009 could be America's second Bush Bloody Mary moment (so to speak).

And we'd have a new rule of American politics: Bush hangovers last one year.