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Another Piece of Evidence in the Fort Hood Case

2:09 PM, Nov 11, 2009 • By THOMAS JOSCELYN
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The NEFA Foundation has uncovered another message from Anwar al Awlaki's now defunct web site in which he calls upon Muslims to fight any army that serves the "interests of the enemies." This includes America's military, and any army of any state (Muslim or otherwise) that does not serve Awlaki's cause.

In a message dated July 14, 2009, Awlaki wrote:

"These armies are the defenders of apostasy in the Muslim world. They fight against Sharia and kill the Muslims who attempt to bring it back. They are fighting on behalf of America against the mujahideen in Pakistan, Somalia and the Maghrib.

If this is the case with these armies how could anyone place the blame on the ones who fight them, accusing them of fighting against Muslims?! What kind of twisted fiqh [note: Islamic jurisprudence] is this? The blame should be placed on the soldier who is will to follow orders whether the order is to kill Muslims as in Swat, bomb Masjids as with the Red Masjid, or kill women and children as they do in Somalia, just for the sake of a miser salary. This soldier is a heartless beast, bent on evil, who sells his religion for a few dollars. These armies are the number one enemy of the ummah. They are the worst of creation. Blessed are those who fight against them and blessed are those shuhada [note: martyrs] who are killed by them."

So we know that: the Fort Hood Shooter attended the same mosque that Anwar al Awlaki preached at in 2001; Maj. Hasan had clearly adopted jihadist views very similar to those Awlaki has espoused, including the idea that Muslims cannot truly serve in a foreign army that is supposedly attacking all of Islam, by June of 2007; Maj. Hasan contacted Awlaki between "10 to 20 times" beginning in December 2008; Maj. Hasan may have posted on Awlaki's Facebook page on Dec. 14, 2008; and, in July 2009, Awlaki again said that true Muslims cannot serve these armies and called on Muslims to turn against them.

Is there really any mystery about what drove Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan to commit mass murder?