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Ben Nelson Demands Stupak Language in Senate Bill

2:55 PM, Nov 9, 2009 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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On the issue of abortion-funding in the health care bill, here is the rock; here is the hard place.

Meanwhile, today's profile in courage at the White House today is brought to you by Robert Gibbs, who won't say if President Obama, who vowed that "under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions," supports the Stupak amendment to ban federal funding of elective abortions through Obamacare:

CBS Reporter Chip Reid: On the health care bill the President supports, endorses, whatever you want to call it, the House bill he's made that very clear. Does he support the abortion funding restrictions in the House bill?

Gibbs: The President, Chip, as you know, went to Capitol Hill to rally support for the bill. That bill is now through the House, which we are quite pleased about. The Senate, once we get budget numbers from CBO, that will move to the Senate floor. I don't doubt that you will have a somewhat different bill. That's the way this process works and we'll iron out differences as they come.

Reid: What's his position on abortion funding restrictions?

Gibbs: I think you heard the President in front of Congress several months ago. We'll continue to make progress.

Reid: He wouldn't support anything like the provision that's in the House bill?

Gibbs: I am not going to become a negotiator on Capitol Hill from the podium.

Reid: Is it something that goes beyond what the Hyde Amendment does?

Gibbs: We will wait to see what health care reform brings.

Reid: So it could be something in the end that goes beyond the current law in restricting abortion funding?

Gibbs: Chip, I wish we were having this conversation as the last part of this process but as your network and others have pointed out, there are miles to go before we sleep.

Keep in mind, Planned Parenthood believes the White House is the abortion lobby's " target=_blank>strongest weapon."