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Charlie Crist on the Stimulus Now: "I didn't endorse it"; Charlie Crist in February: "I support it"

11:15 PM, Nov 4, 2009 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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During a CNN appearance on Wednesday, Charlie Crist said of Obama's stimulus package:

"I didn't endorse it. I didn't even have a vote on the darn thing. ... But I understood that it was gonna pass and I wanted to be able to utilize it for the benefit of my fellow Floridians."

Charlie Crist during a February 23 TV interview on the White House lawn:

Q: You've broken with some in your own party to back this stimulus; tell me why.

CHARLIE CRIST: "Because Florida needs it frankly."

This quote and more on Crist's love for the stimulus package from this Rubio campaign YouTube video:

Oh what a difference eight months and a Republican primary make. In other Crist v. Rubio news, the NRSC announced Wednesday that it won't spend any money on Crist's behalf in the primary.