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Meet Scott Fenstermaker, Al Qaeda Defense Attorney

9:09 AM, Nov 24, 2009 • By THOMAS JOSCELYN
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Scott Fenstermaker is an attorney who has performed various legal services for one of the five 9/11 conspirators who will be put on trial in New York, as well as other al Qaeda terrorists. Fenstermaker says he is concerned with protecting the "rule of law" and defending the constitutional protections of his clients. That is how many of Fenstermaker's fellow al Qaeda defense attorneys, at the ACLU and elsewhere, describe themselves as well--as heroes fighting an unjust American government on behalf of some noble cause.

Fenstermaker has also said that the way the 9/11 terrorists were treated is not consistent with America's values. If Fenstermaker and his cohorts were merely making a principled stand against the manner in which the 9/11 terrorists were interrogated (enhanced interrogation techniques, etc.) that would be one thing. Many would disagree with their stance, but at least it would be a principled one.

Consider, however, the video below of Fenstermaker on Bill O'Reilly's show. In it, Fenstermaker refuses to concede that thousands of civilians were murdered on September 11. He says that is up to a jury to decide.

Fenstermaker had previously explained to the press that the 9/11 conspirators would plead not guilty in order to provide "their assessment of American foreign policy," which will be "negative." Many rightly concluded this meant that the worst of the worst were going to try to turn the trial into a circus filled with al Qaeda propaganda. After all, al Qaeda's leaders frequently try to blame U.S. actions in the Middle East and beyond for their terror. But Fenstermaker wouldn't concede that the 9/11 terrorists were looking for a venue to spew their propaganda.

Instead, Fenstermaker said: "You are going to hear a lot of United States government propaganda."

Got that? The U.S. government is the one spreading propaganda we should be worried about.