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N.J. Democrats Paying for Third-Party Robocalls

9:00 PM, Nov 2, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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So, the Democrats seem to have decided the best use of at least some of their resources, in a tight race, is to throw some cash into the third-party Daggett campaign. When you're running a dirty-trick robocall, the tagline with the address of the Democratic HQ is a giveaway. Audio:

A New Jersey blog, More Monmouth Musings, also finds:

The calls, which are coming from 866-519-9370, end with a disclosure, "paid for by....a project of the NJSDC."

A Google search of the phone number reveals that it was used for Democratic robo calls by Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley during the days before last year's election.

Update: Democrats now admit it, after having denied it yesterday.