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Update: Stupak Passes 240 to 193; Gingrey Will Vote Yes, But Some Pro-Life Republicans May Oppose Stupak Amendment

7:51 PM, Nov 7, 2009 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Pro-life John Shadegg tells Politico that he plans to vote present on the Stupak amendment to ban federal funding of abortions in the health-care bill:

"(Nancy) Pelosi is speaker and she's pro abortion every minute of every hour of every day as speaker," Shadegg said in an interview with POLITICO Saturday evening. "This is a vote to help her move the bill forward."

Politico notes that Rep. Phil Gingrey (R, Ga.) is rumored to be another vote on the Stupak amendment, but Gringrey tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD: "I'll be voting for the Stupak amendment."

Gingrey says he thought about voting present earlier today when "some of my most respected colleagues had brought up the possibility of a present vote on the Stupak vote thinking what can we do to stop this bill." But Gingrey says it is a "distinct concern" that voting present on Stupak would appear cynical and give Democrats cover to vote for the bill anyway.

Some Republicans say that Pelosi's decision to allow a vote on Stupak is a cynical move as well, since the language may not survive the conference report. Indeed, three Democratic chairmen refused to say today if they'd support keeping the Stupak amendment in the bill during the conference hearing.

But if Republicans are the ones who help bring down the Stupak Amendment, it may take the issue of taxpayer-funding of abortion off the table in the 2010 elections.

Update: CSPAN reports the Stupak amendment has passed 240 to 194; according to CSPAN John Shadegg was the only member to vote present.