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Will the FBI Properly Investigate the Fort Hood shooter's Alleged al Qaeda Ties?

1:25 PM, Nov 9, 2009 • By THOMAS JOSCELYN
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At this point, authorities are right to be cautious in adding up the details surrounding Hasan's putative ties to known al Qaeda associates. It is possible that these threads of evidence appear to be more sensational than they really are. But there are some basic questions that need to be answered:

What was Hasan's relationship (if any) with Awlaki in 2001, when they were both at the Dar al Hijrah mosque?

Did Hasan come into contact with the 9/11 hijackers? If so, what was the nature of that contact?

Did Hasan remain in contact with Awlaki? If so, how frequently? And, when was the last time Hasan chatted (either by phone or email) with Awlaki?

Did Hasan contact (or attempt to contact) other al Qaeda associates, as reported by ABC News? If so, who are these other al Qaeda associates? (Note: Given ABC News's reporting it is possible that Hasan contacted Awlaki as well as other al Qaeda associates.)

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, will the FBI and other agencies seriously investigate these ties?

That remains to be seen.