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Copenhagen Message: Scare the Bejeezus Out of Children to Save the World

7:40 AM, Dec 11, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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This is the video that was shown at the opening ceremonies in Copenhagen, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark specifically for this high-profile, international gathering. Spanning a mere four minutes, it nonetheless hits every fear-mongering point of the climate alarmists (and some extras) in so exploitative and shallow a way as to make parody nearly impossible.

A child is carrying a stuffed polar bear, which is swallowed up as the very earth rips beneath her feet and a tsunami threatens to drown the innocent before her 8th birthday because she didn't do her part by recording a video about carbon consumption for the UN's web site. I'm not kidding.

If this is the face of the rational, sophisticated, intellectual class, I welcome the "deniers." Enjoy "Politics of Fear" "Please Help the World."

H/t to the Breakthrough Institute, which is pro-emissions reduction and anti-nonsense videos, apparently. Its description of the above video is pretty hilarious, but stick around for an interesting view from the Left of the essentially farcical nature of this particular performance of UN international Kabuki theater.