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6:43 PM, Dec 8, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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The People's Governor has a strong op-ed in the Washington Post calling for Obama to boycott Copenhagen -- complete with link to YouTube of Obama promising to make your energy prices skyrocket.

Joseph Abrams catches the UN lying about how many bureaucrats and hangers-on will be attending:

U.N. officials say it's vital that NGOs and activists attend the conference because the fate of the planet is not just in the hand of politicians - it's in the hands of citizens as well.

But oddly enough, U.N. officials gave an extremely low estimate of the attendees expected, saying only about 6,000 representatives from NGOs, inter-governmental organizations and other approved U.N. organizations would be coming. An e-mail sent to those groups Nov. 25 by the U.N.'s top climate official, Yvo de Boer, shows they are bracing for a crush of at least 14,000 such delegates.

Just double the carbon footprint and add 15 percent.

Top Gun alum Lang Sias is running for Congress.

Did terrorists make a "dry run" on an AirTran flight out of Atlanta?

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren makes the case for his boss in the Wall Street Journal.

Gates sounds downright Palinesque on Afghanistan.

A new report raises questions about the State Department's capacity to ramp up for the surge.

Peter Beinart breaks the neocon code.

Al Jazeera reporter shocked to discover the chairman of the joint chiefs is "a nice bloke with clammy palms and good intentions," despite being a warmongering imperialist.