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Obama's Ambassador to El Salvador "Cohabitated" With Cuban Spy

11:18 AM, Dec 14, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Andrew Breitbart's Big Government puts two and two together:

Today, the Obama White House announced the nomination of Mari Del Carmen Aponte as U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador. It is not Ms. Aponte's first brush with an ambassadorship. In 1998, President Clinton nominated her to be Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. She was forced to withdraw her name from consideration over allegations of ties to the Cuban spy agency.

Yes, she "cohabitated" with an agent of the Cuban spy service, DGI. Worse, DGI tried to recruit Aponte as an asset, and yet when the FBI came around to do a background check, Aponte refused to cooperate, "saying that since she was not seeking a permanent White House position she was not subject to a background check."

A former State Department official who worked with Aponte passes along this assessment:

"I spent dozens of hours with Ms. Aponte when I was desk officer for [...]. she was a nice person but not to the sort to be an ambassador. Here is the administration checking the political box, dredging up a tarnished candidate and delivering a political assignment in a tough country that needs a pro to ride the waves and work to counterbalance the influence of the FMLN and the Chavistas. Underscores the lack of any credible policy for Central America, let alone for the Americas. "

And after this administration's handling of the situation in Honduras, who can argue with that?

Update: A friend emails to point out how short-sighted I'm being:

Don't you see the administration's genius? Isn't it useful to have someone with close ties to the DGI working with a government that will also be run by the DGI? It's almost like cutting out the middle man.