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"The Theory That He Acted Alone..." (cont.)

6:14 PM, Dec 26, 2009 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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From the article now up on the Washington Post website:

"But authorities are -- for now -- operating on the theory that he acted alone, according to an American law enforcement source.

"'At this point, there's nothing to suggest that he was part of a wider conspiracy involving others,' said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity so as not to interfere with an ongoing and active investigation."

It's already likely--based on other reporting--that his premise is incorrect. But it's amazing how deep the wishfulness is among "authorities"--especially, I think, the FBI--that all these guys be found to be acting alone. It turns out, in case after case, that these individuals are in some kind of contact with al Qaeda types abroad. But that would make this more of an ongoing war, less of a law enforcement problem--so the law enforcement authorities try to wish the facts away.

Parts of the Bush administration, at least, pushed against this wishfulness. One hopes there are people in the Obama administration who, once repeatedly mugged by reality, will learn the appropriate lessons--and act on them.