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Rasmussen: Democratic Identification Loses 5 Points in '09

8:30 AM, Dec 3, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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The number of Americans identifying as Democrats, though still hovering above Republican identification, fell two points in November alone:

The number of Americans identifying themselves as Democrats fell by nearly two percentage points in November. Added to declines earlier in the year, the number of Democrats in the nation has fallen by five percentage points during 2009.

In November, 36.0% of American adults said they were Democrats. That's down from 37.8% a month ago and the lowest number of Democrats since December 2005.

The gap between Democratic and Republican identification is the smallest since 2007, doing damage to the one data point that allowed Democrats to hope Republican wins would not be large in 2010.

In the most recent Gallup poll, Americans are expressing their displeasure with the leader of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, whose disapproval ratings on Terrorism, Economy, Health Care, Jobs, and Afghanistan, respectively, are: 47, 53, 53, 55, 55.

Obama still has support on energy policy and global warming, but one wonders how long that will last in the face of ClimateGate, which Republicans are now linking to the administration's ever-more-dubious seeming energy policy plans.