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Re: Operation Cobra's Anger

11:14 AM, Dec 7, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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An Army Colonel writes in response to this post over the weekend:

This is an incredibly important battle that will bust up a HUGE Taliban supply base which is at the end of a Taliban infiltration. This route that starts in Pakistan and makes its way north to Now Zad.

I served in this region back in '07- 08' and was appalled that the Brits refused to deal with this area! They allowed themselves to get hammered regularly by the Taliban who then move back to Now Zad to reorganize. God Bless the USMC.

The Taliban stage from a huge wadi that crosses west to east just north of Now Zad and attack into the upper Sangin Valley. This wadi is a safe haven for the terrorists who walk about the area freely. Disrupting this base now will disrupt the Taliban's operations now and in the upcoming fighting season.

The Taliban have many caches hidden in caves and other places and will now have to go elsewhere farther into the interior where they can not sustain themselves.

Much progress is being made now in Afghanistan due to the deployment of the initial 20k of troops. Even better results will be attained when the rest show up.

This is a US fight and our troops will carry the day. NATO can secure some of the less critical areas and assist in the training of the ANSF. Only US Forces are capable and willing to take the fight to places where the Taliban have not been engaged before. Now if we can get the State Department to do some governance stuff things will get moving!!