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Sell-Outs and SCOTUS and Stupak, Oh My: A Health-Care Digest

1:40 PM, Dec 19, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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He called it the biggest deficit reduction in 10 years. It's a nice thought, though a basic knowledge of the accounting gimmicks Congressional leaders pull to get good CBO scores makes the claim rather ridiculous. The good news is, even without that knowledge, the public doesn't believe the claims. As Jay Cost notes:

Interesting dynamic: Ds use accounting gimmicks, CBO incorporates gimmicks into top-line analysis points, media parrots CBO top-line. Funny twist: public doesn't buy the gimmicks! Most ppl think bills will jack up the deficits. Implication: don't underestimate the public. They might not know the details of congressional chicanery, but they know it's there.

Hmmm, will eight Democratic senators violate their own pledges by voting for cloture before the legislation has been available for 72 hours?

Update:<?strong> Lifenews explains how the Nelson language means nothing.