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10:53 AM, Dec 28, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Nope, Tom Friedman, cap-and-trade is not like insurance: "Presumably, Friedman assumes that the proposed palliatives of cap'n'tax or carbon taxes meet that criterion, but he doesn't do the calculations for us, because he can't. Warm mongers like him propose to spend trillions of dollars now to prevent an unknown amount of cost later, in defiance of the basic economic principle of discounting the value of future expenditures."

Just how easy was it to get a mortgage before the fall? This easy.

Bush vs. Obama on vacation:
Critics savaged him. The Center for American Progress, a liberal research organization, posted this headline on its Web site in 2006: "Careless in Crawford: Catastrophes Gather While Bush Vacations." It took aim again in his last month in office as Israel waged war in Gaza: "Bush Refuses to Interrupt His Final Vacation as Middle East Crisis Escalates." The center, which is closely aligned with the Obama White House, voiced no complaint about the current president's vacation.

Video: Err, Max Baucus gives interesting floor speech.

You can now get arrested in N. Korea for carrying more than $41.

This is how the system works?

On second thought: "‘Our system did not work in this instance,' she said on NBC's ‘Today' show. ‘No one is happy or satisfied with that. An extensive review is under way.'"

Good news: Napolitano still intent on unionizing TSA. That oughtta help.

Press finally taking time to evaluate how the real Obama compares to campaign Obama. Just in time!

E.J. Dionne: You know who's really the bee's knees? Harry Reid.

Dream a little dream: Markets, not mandates for health-care reform.