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10:50 AM, Dec 29, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Steyn: Government can't just annex "one-sixth of the U.S. economy" (i.e., the equivalent of annexing the entire British or French economy or annexing the entire Indian economy twice over) and then just say: "OK, what's next? On to cap-and-trade." Nations that governmentalize health care soon find themselves talking about little else.

Will Blue Dogs risk their seats to pass health care? A helpful chart from Firedog Lake.

Photo: The roasted underwear.

Press decides Obama is "cerebral" on terror, not "slow," but they don't sound convinced by their own writing.

The decade's top 10 news conferences. McGreevey tops Blago? Recount!

The system needs fixing says...Eugene Robinson.

What did Arne Duncan do with schools in Chicago?

Uh oh: Obama starting to smell like sulfur to Chavez?

Yale men and women are such gigantic sissies that a T-shirt calling Harvard men "sissies" is too offensive, even if it's a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald. Harvard wins by default.

Two Flight 253 planners released from Gitmo?