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Who Smuggled the Sun-Maid Girl?

11:40 AM, Dec 1, 2009 • By VICTORINO MATUS
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If you spend as much time watching television--particularly children's programs -- as I do lately, you are probably wondering the same thing I am: Since when did the Sun-Maid Girl become hot? Apparently the computer-animated version of the Sun-Maid Girl has been out and about, gallivanting through the grape rows of the San Joaquin Valley since around 2007. According to Sun-Maid, Lorraine Collett-Petersen is the source of inspiration dating back to 1916. She had a few face-lifts over the years (the one with whom we are most familiar dates from 1970) but, we are assured, her image "has always stayed true to the original image of Lorraine Collett that has been trusted and cherished by consumers around the world for generations." Really? Have you seen the original Sun-Maid Girl? Have her bake some raisin-nut bread for you, sure. But for a night out on the town, I'm taking the one reimagined by Synthespian Studios. Even the voice is seductive. It's as if Julia Roberts decided to don a red bonnet and start picking grapes. I just can't wait for the computer-animated version of the Land O'Lakes Indian girl!