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Anti-Mugabe Film Emerges as Oscar Contender

9:46 AM, Jan 4, 2010 • By JOHN NOONAN
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Zimbabwean farmer Mike Campbell has been terrorized, threatened, beaten, and, this past fall, victimized by a vicious arson attack that left him homeless. His crime? Refusing a government order to abandon his mango farm, which the Campbell family purchased legally and has worked for decades.

"Mugabe and the White African" tells the tale of the Campbells' heroic stand against the tyrannical Mugabe regime. Their story is chilling in print, terrifying when communicated over the medium of film. And critics have taken note. The documentary, already widely acclaimed, is rumored to be a strong candidate for the upcoming Academy Awards.

The trailer is below. If the Academy is prudent enough to nominate it, I'd be willing to sit through what's certain to be an excruciating and Avatar-dominated ceremony (at least until Best Documentary is announced).