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Iran's Blacklist


4:37 PM, Jan 5, 2010 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Laura Rozen posts the list of some 51 NGOs, think-tanks, universities and human rights groups that have been designated as "subversive" by the Iranian regime, which will now forbid Iranian citizens from having any interaction with these organizations. As Rozen notes, "The New America Foundation, intellectual home of former NSC Middle East hand Flynt Leverett, who has argued strenuously for making a deal or grand bargain with Ahmadinejad, managed to make the list not once, but twice (see 22 and 51), in this translation." A friend writes: "for all his effort, Flynt Leverett banned from gratitude!" Indeed, you'd be hard pressed to find a more shameless apologist for that regime, but it can be done (Gary Sick comes to mind).

Iran's Blacklist

There is one organization however that is conspicuously absent from the list...NIAC, the National Iranian American Council run by Iranian national Trita Parsi, who has in the last few weeks, as members of Congress have called for an investigation into his organization's ties to the regime, reinvented himself as an advocate of human rights in Iran. Maybe the mullahs in Tehran hadn't yet gotten word that he's now a subversive enemy of the regime...