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More Anecdotal Evidence From Massachusetts ...

Notes from a recent Scott Brown appearance

3:57 PM, Jan 5, 2010 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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A correspondent from the Bay State writes:

More Anecdotal Evidence From Massachusetts ...

GOP Senate Candidate Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

“I know your guy McCormack's on the case, but I thought you might be interested in last night's Brown appearance at the Colonial Inn in Concord.

"So we had upwards of a hundred cable-knit-sweater clad older-demographic types, with a few high school students thrown in (don't forget, this is where Cambridge liberals go to retire when they cash in their portfolios—therefore, the numbers are impressive, and there are more Brown than Coakley signs out along the street—highly untypical). The event got moved to a larger basement room due to the turnout and the crowd was as enthusiastic as this crew gets! (Alas, refreshments were standard Colonial Inn fare—melon and pineapple slices (??), inedible cheeselike chunks of stuff with embedded cranberries, an $8 wine bar (the most unforgivable turn!)). Brown was good, not great—a little boilerplate, VERY good content, taxes, health care, terrorism. He seemed tired but perked up during schmooze time afterward.

"Takeaway? Given today's polling, he would totally benefit from third-party "Where's Martha" ads (her courageous radio appearance today notwithstanding—she'll likely return to her bunker and let her media machine do its work), along with LOTS of spots emphasizing the 41st Vote theme. His ground game seems strong—lots of real-people phone calls, etc.—but I suspect that only takes you so far. Two weeks is a long time....”