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The Daily Grind (Democratic Retirement Edition)

Democrats go the way of Bobby Bowden

7:23 AM, Jan 6, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Looks like Dodd will retire, too, making Connecticut's seat a somewhat harder pick-up for Republicans as Democrats will find a candidate who's less scandal-ridden. Too bad. I had hoped exposure to Kennedy had imbued him with enough of the "I'm an untouchable legacy whom the nation needs in Washington" feeling that he'd stick around until the bitter end.

The "Californiazation" of America
-- the growing tendency of our political system to make promises in social spending programs that it isn't prepared to pay for with tax increases.

The Daily Grind (Democratic Retirement Edition)

Former FSU head coach Bobby Bowden paces the sidelines. The storied coach retired this season.

The market speaks about the company we all own part of: Ford Motor Co. posted a 33% rise in December U.S. light-vehicle sales, ending a stellar year for the auto maker compared with its rivals. Ford recorded its first full-year market-share gain since 1995....The largest U.S. auto maker—General Motors Co.—posted a 5.7% decline.

Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota? "Currently, the nonpartisan Cook Political Reports rates the North Dakota contest as 'Solid Democrat.' That rating will obviously change," especially if Hoeven gets in.

Gov. Ritter of Colorado makes the third Democratic retirement of the day, and the Democratic front-runner in the Michigan governor's race, Lt. Gov. John Cherry, kicked yesterday off for the party with his decision not to run, as he'd have to do it with Granholm's dismal record, and the climate against him.

Wow: "Katie Couric interviews Malcolm Gladwell. Asks why 'everything you write turns to gold.'"

ESPN writer: "If I were a military man or woman, I would find 'Avatar' insulting."

Aww, liberals want wind farms, but not in their backyard.

Obama dubs Christmas terror incident a "screw-up."

Dems holding final health-care talks. Without cameras.